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Dedicated to those who love the pleasures of life

Prime Alture Resort Lechiancole Family

A magical place where every detail is taken care of by Roberto Lechiancole and his family, he has chosen to retire here after visiting the world throughout his business life, he now invites the world come and visit him.
Quality Italian Wines

Prime Alture Vineyards and Winery

Convinced that quality starts in the vineyard, we invest and make continuous efforts to improve our vines. Our love of winemaking has always been our guiding principle throughout the production process.

“Quality comes from a dream linked to a passion, from daily commitment and attention to detail”

Our Products

Our Boutique winery offers premium wines for every occasion… an aperitif, a dinner for two, a dinner with friends, a gift...
Pinot Noir Passion

Why Monsieur Pinot Noir

A French lady during a stay at Prime Alture, whilst tasting the Pinot Noir approached me and said "but do you know that your wine looks like you? An old elegant gentleman farmer".

Our Wines are born from Passion for the Land

The secret to have a happy life is to put passion and commitment in everything!

A passion and a commitment that I put in creating Prime Alture Wine Resort, a place dedicated to those who, like me, love the pleasures of life and quality.

I chose the Oltrepò Pavese because it’s a land that can produce fine grapes, a land that reminds me of my families origin from Tuscany and Puglia, a land that allows me to make great wines.

Our Team

Jean-François Coquard

“put his soul in the bottle”

Fausto Comotti

Fausto Comotti

Cellar Master

“takes care of the barrels as his own children”

Claudio Brunelli

Claudio Brunelli

Vineyards Manager

“takes care the vineyards like a Japanese garden”

What They Say

Our Testimonials

Great Chefs for Great Wines
Manolo Teruzzi

Roberto a man that you need to know, his wines, the undisputed king is the Pinot Noir Monsieur large structure, elegant and unmistakable perfume, also don’t forget the new entry Madame Chardonnay, excellent in combination with crustaceans and raw fish a wine that cannot be missing in its cellar for the summer.

Manolo Teruzzi

Ristorante Dvca - Via Rovello, 18 - Milano
Tommaso Arrigoni

In my experience as a chef all over Europe, I have often had the opportunity to taste many Pinot Noir, I already knew the territory of the Oltrepò  that is famous for this grape, Roberto is doing an extraordinary job to elevate this vino, customers of my restaurant often request it.

Tommaso Arrigoni

Ristorante Innocenti Evasioni - Via Privata della Bindellina - Milano
Andrea Provenzani

My cuisine is the expression of my being: it is a wonderful journey from thinking to creating an idea… often a dish! Meeting Roberto I realized that I had found a special person, his wines had already conquered me, knowing better his history and with what vision were first thought and with what passion then were realized after and now I see them with different eyes and taste. To a friend and a travel companion!

Andrea Provenzani

Il Liberty Viale Monte Grappa, 6 - Milano
Enrico Gerli

The common point between me and Roberto is the passion, I for food him for wine, his wines are on the wine list of my restaurant as they accompany perfectly for elegance with my cuisine

Enrico Gerli

Ristorante I Castagni - Via Ottobiano, 8/20 - Vigevano - Pv
Claudio Sadler

Prime Alture a Winery Resort nestled in a beautiful landscape in a wine territory, Roberto a man of great humanity a friend and also a good vineyard farmer, try his wines I am thrilled!

Claudio Sadler

Ristorante Sadler - Via Ascanio Sforza, 77 Milan
Alberto Tasinato

My favorite Prime Alture Wine is Monsieur Pinot Noir. I am a true friend of Roberto and we are Pinot Noir lovers forever… we could only meet each other and strart this relationship. We come to the wine, deep red color, almost orange notes of a real man, of class.

Alberto Tasinato

Alchimia Ristorante & Lounge - Viale Premuda, 34 - Milan
Tani Simonato

We met in 2012 by chance at a wine event, we immediately found ourselves in tune, since then I noticed a continuous qualitative and expressive growth in its wines, since then they are on the wine list of my restaurant.

Tani Simonato

Ristorante Tano Passami l'Olio - Via Francesco Petrarca, 4 - Milano


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