Convinced that quality starts in the vineyard, we invest and make continuous efforts to improve our vines which grow on a marly earth composed of clay and limestone, a characteristic that is found in the glass whilst tasting wines distinguished by longevity, colour hold, intensity of perfumes and body.

For several years just one person, our “factor” Claudio, has been taking care of the vines, pruning them according to the Simonit method, taking care of the vegetation at all stages, whilst focusing on our goal of enhancing the quality and longevity of the vine. To help preserve the biodiversity of the environment, we have embarked on a path of conversion to organic, sustainable and innovative production.


Our company produces 40,000 bottles annually, in an area located on the 45th parallel, known as the wine parallel, where since 200 BC vineyards have thrived. It is also the third area in the world by extension of Pinot Noir production and a first in Italy. The cellar and the entire production process are aimed at obtaining fine wines that preserve, with full respect to the raw material, the distinctive qualities of the vines.

Fausto takes care of every single phase of the production process with scrupulous attention in the cellar, with the supervision and experience of our consultant Jean François Coquard, a French winemaker with decades of experience in our area, and very much in love with the Oltrepò Pavese, convinced that it is the ideal terroir for Pinot Noir, he shares the quality path of Prime Alture.

The continuous monitoring of the grapes throughout the vegetative cycle ends with weekly sampling to determine the exact ripening in the various vineyards. Manual collection in boxes, soft pressing and prompt protection from oxygen at every stage from collection to bottling are the most important elements for preserving the grapes.

The drinkability and the recognition of the varieties that generate them are the distinctive characteristics of our wines. Attention to detail also makes a difference in the packaging, which enhances the product making it distinguishable and identifiable.


Pinot Noir 45%
Chardonnay 30%
Merlot 15%
Moscato 5%
Croatina 5%

Our Collaborators - Men of success

Jean-François Coquard

“put his soul in the bottle”

Fausto Comotti

Fausto Comotti

Cellar Master

“takes care of the barrels as his own children”

Claudio Brunelli

Claudio Brunelli

Vineyards Manager

“takes care the vineyards like a Japanese garden”